Brexit Again

So it looks like the UK has decided to leave the EU for better or for worse. Immediately after the vote I heard from many sources that there were people voting for all kinds of reasons that didn’t really have anything to do with the vote. Like voting based on a football team, or voting “against the system” or “as a joke”. Well, to those people, maybe next time you vote you think before you do.

Either way, now that the UK has laid its bed and should lay on it. Find a way to exit the EU as fast as possible (as it is what people wanted) and start building its future outside EU. Right now its not looking great, the pound isn’t doing great, but it really is what everyone expected to happen. Other than that nothing major happened, at least not yet.

Scotland majority voted the remain and are now talking about leaving UK, or trying to negotiate a second referendum. I think a second referendum is not a possibility, but leaving the UK is possible, but who knows what that will do to the country if it were to happen.

Other countries have also started talking about possibly leaving the EU. France, Poland and Finland as example(s) have their own dedicated groups talking about the issue and trying to get their countries out of it. I’d say if only UK leaves (if they even leave in the end, we’ll see) and other countries stay, there is still future for the EU, but if other countries start to leave one by one, then EU is definitely doomed to fail.

I have to say I quite enjoy being in the EU, and I’m not quite sure why the UK population decided to leave the way they did, but here we are now. Lets hope the future is bright for Europe.

About Brexit

So, the UK is voting to leave the EU this month, and this is the hot topic of today. Should UK leave EU? What are the costs and the benefits? I’ll shortly try to explain my position and understanding on this.

First of all, I don’t think the UK should leave EU. I think the people who would vote “yes” to leave EU do so with the idea in mind that they’d be getting the “power” back in their hands. I think the people are tired of being controlled by people they don’t know or care about. Everybody can agree that the way EU handles their lawmaking process is slow and often inefficient, but at the core of it what is decided in Brussels by all the politicians, is usually good for the whole EU. Countries that are not part of EU still have to follow the rules made by the union, ask Norway or the Switzerland. If you have to follow the rules anyway, but you are not part of the group deciding about those rules, aren’t you just giving away your rights?

However, leaving the EU would give any country doing so more freedom to decide over their own political issues. This means that technically your country would be working more efficiently to solve your own problems, what ever those may be. At the core of this issue is mass immigration, no doubt, but what people fail to realize is that leaving EU wouldn’t actually help with that unless your country decided to start deporting foreigners and building walls, Trump style. EU still decides where the immigrants go, and England just happens to be one of the main attractions. Every country in Europe will have to take part in this crisis of ours, whether they like it or not. There are however, good ways to deal with this problem. Take a look at my home country, Finland, and see how we are dealing with newcomers to the country. They are taught the ways Finnish people live, what is wrong and right, and they are expected to assimilate rather than simply migrate to the country. Norway is another good example, but they’ve run into problems as well.

Now another major problem with England leaving EU is of course the economic damage it would do. Companies inside England would have to learn new ways of doing trade, because trade rules would have to be changed between England and ALL countries they are trading with. Considering UK is a rather big power when it comes to trade, and the fact that they are an island country, they rely on trade heavily. Basically leaving EU would do a lot of damage to their trade for who knows how long. Majority of economists agree that leaving EU would result in losses, and that being part of EU has been profitable. Nobody knows how (after the bump of) leaving EU would affect the trade in the end, though.

Considering those facts I’d say there are more costs than benefits to leaving EU. Now it simply is a matter of preference. People feel they are being controlled by unknown entity and would rather have someone in their own country decide things for them, but were that the case people would realize that lawmaking takes time, even when its just your own country. Leaving EU is not the answer, I think all countries who have joined EU so far should try to work together towards a common goal and try to work all the kinks out. Countries who are united should stay so, together we are stronger than alone. In times of crisis this is even more true. I do think that the countries not yet part of EU should not join in, as it is volatile ground we’re stomping on. I must be sending confusing messages here, but hey, that’s politics for you.

European Union, What Is The Point?


Most of Europe have now joined the Union. There’s still quite a few countries who prefer to keep to themselves, most notably Norway and Switzerland, countries with large amounts of wealth. These countries would end up having to hand over their riches to keep the poor countries running, take a look at Greece for example. Countries like Norway and Switzerland are in fact doing better than most of the countries that are part of the Union. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be.


I live in Finland and I wanted my country to join EU in ’95. You need to take into account that I was 5 back then so I didn’t really understand what we were getting into. I was never asked, and even if I was to give the chance to answer, I wouldn’t really have had anything useful to say. Today, being a little older and seeing how EU has been run for decades now, I’ve come to some sort of a conclusion on the issue. I think something like EU is necessary in the future, we should try to unite our countries and work as a unit rather than try to find out what the differences are between us. We’re all people. Same currency, same flag and free trade between countries should be the goal for everyone. Competition between countries is childish at best. Look at Palestine and Israel, what a joke that is. Its not the people that are angry at each other, its supposedly the countries having a fight. I would recommend people over there to grow up.

The problem with this is, not all are created equal. EU forces its nations to follow their rule, and some choose to follow those and others reluctantly have to, or they face heavy sanctions. Bullied into submission, on a country-scale. Finland didn’t want to take part in the whole migrant crisis, we also never wanted to throw all our money into Greece either. We had to in the end, but it threw our country into economic turmoil at the same time. I doubt we’ll ever reach same levels as Greece did, but we were doing better on our own. The whole point of being part of Europe should mean that all countries carry their own weight and don’t just leech from other countries and when they get the help they need – they just keep leeching.

Watching the EU politics unfold is like watching children fight over who gets the last candy. Any country who is currently not part of EU, DON’T JOIN. Those countries that are currently involved, I don’t think leaving is the right choice right now, because being part of EU has its good and bad sides, and you really don’t want to be that country that left and pulled the plug that eventually ends in the ship sinking. If EU manages to stabilize itself, I think its a good idea to stay in it for everyone involved, as long as it doesn’t turn into a socialist hellhole. Last thing we need is another mega power testing if communism is the right way to go, because SPOILERS: It never worked before, and it won’t work in the future. If Europe manages to stabilize, I think the countries currently not in it should also join. If however, Europe continues to fail and crumble, all countries involved should reconsider if staying in it is beneficial or not.

I’ll keep observing the situation. We’ll see what comes of this. Lately I’ve been looking into David Icke’s work. Say what you want about the man, and I most definitely don’t believe all that he is saying, but there’s tiny bit of sense in there too. Reptilian overlords sounds a little far fetched though. Ah well, I hope everything turns alright. You should know that I’m not happy how EU has turned out right now, but Finland is doing quite alright, and if a small country like this can stand on its own – I’m sure the rest of EU can too.


The European Migrant Crisis

This is a difficult topic to write about, but I feel like it needs to be done. As an European myself I feel responsible to at least talk about it this, and maybe inform others outside of Europe what the situation really is like. If you follow the news you must have heard at least about the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. In reality the situation is much more widespread, here have a look:,_January%E2%80%93June_2016

Most of the terrorist attacks we don’t even get to hear about, and not all of them are done by Muslims (even if majority of them are). This doesn’t mean we don’t have a problem in Europe.

Apart from terror attacks, the petty crime rates have gone up, hate crimes have gone up (unsurprisingly) and also sexual attacks have gone up everywhere in Europe. These are just facts of the situation.

Majority of the migrants coming to Europe are not refugees, instead we get people from mostly North African countries. You might have heard about boats coming to Europe, boats full of people. Because of European laws just entering a country hasn’t been possible before, but now with open borders policy of Germany we’re being overrun by a flood of people. Most of these people are not here with malicious intent, but then again, small minority of them are here exactly for that.

With people from different culture entirely, and them just coming to our countries without actually looking up our culture, they have no intentions of actually assimilating with our culture. So we as Europeans are supposed to get together with people who don’t believe in the same ideas as we do. Majority of Muslims believe in Sharia law, which goes against the basic European beliefs. From this perspective, trying to live together in a society with 2 opposing sides, people having completely different idea of justice, is just not possible.

Majority of Muslims have either poor education level, or no education at all (at least compared to Europeans). Many of them don’t even speak English. Most of them are unwilling to learn the local language, or unable to in the first place, because learning an European language at all is difficult task as it is. With most of the migrant backgrounds looking like this, it will be impossible for them to get a job in European countries, or if they DO get a job, they are paid less – driving the cost of labor and they end up taking jobs from the people already living in the country. Shouldn’t the people of your own country always come first? Apparently not.

So what do we get then? We get people into our countries who take benefits from governments, don’t speak the language, believe in complete different ideas – and not just  in terms of religion. We are paying to play the host through our taxes just to keep people in our countries. This would be fine if it was a small amount of people, but we keep getting more and more of them every day. The society can’t possibly hold if this keeps happening. We are already seeing cuts in basic things like school and hospitals, just do make sure we can pay these migrants to simply live in our countries. What for? They don’t provide us with anything in return in vast majority of cases, and most of them never will. Even better, because of European laws after you’ve been given citizenship you will be able to bring your whole family from another country to ours, creating even more people who aren’t going to be able to work or do anything else. At least the migrant children will be able to go to school and get bullied because of the color of their skin, children will always be children, and end up having messed up lives and might just becoming terrorists based off of that, because they think society hates them. Sad thing is, by then, society will either truly hate Muslims, or we have come in terms with them – turning our countries half Muslim half European while we’re at it.

What can you do then? Vote for the right-wing party in your country, actually, just vote for a party that has YOUR country in mind. Yes, you should vote, and voting actually matters if enough people do it. I’m not a right-wing guy myself, but seeing as the left has betrayed us everywhere, we mustn’t give them any more power, that’s just my opinion. Also maybe this politically correct era will also disappear.

Who Should Be The Next US President


These four faces should be familiar to you if you’ve been following the US presidential race. The president of the united states is a prestigious title, many regard it the most powerful position for anyone to have in the world. It doesn’t just affect America who the president is, it affects everyone.

I’m not from America so I don’t really get to cast a vote in, but I might be able to persuade you to come to a conclusion. Either way I would suggest that you first study ALL the candidates and make your decision AFTER you have done so. I’ve been following the US media unfortunately, and what I’ve noticed is that the media is actually lying to you, and if its not lying, its trying to show some of the candidates in a bad light for its own gain. Donald Trump is NOT the second coming of Hitler, to everyone’s big surprise no doubt. Bernie Sanders does NOT have “only great” ideas, like the Internet would have you believe. Hilary Clinton is a bought candidate, but this we all know. Ted Cruz, well, he’s a slimy guy, and after doing some research online I’ve come to conclusion that he is probably the worst candidate of these four.

On Donald Trump I would suggest you go and read up what his quotes actually are, and you will find out he’s in fact not a racist bigot. He does however shout down his opponents, he did say there would be a wall between America and Mexico and he likes to repeat himself a lot. What you need to understand about him is that he is a business man. He funds his own campaign for the most part and you can trust him to say what he finds to be important, be it bad or not. No other candidate has that fact backing them up. Trump doesn’t answer to the big money business men, because he is one himself. When it comes to the crazy ideas he might have, well, he started toning himself down lately to appeal to the democratic voters a bit more, but more importantly, if you know how politics work – even the craziest ideas have to go through a voting system and will not pass if found unfit for purpose. More over there was an Interview on Donald Trump 2 months before the Berlin bomb attacks where he said something was wrong about Paris and Brussels specifically, that there was foreign activity riddled across those cities and it wasn’t good according to him. Maybe he’s not as bad as he seems, and maybe there’s some truth to his anti-Muslim policies.

Bernie Sanders, well, he is a socialist. Socialists are often compared to communists for a good reason. Now look, I understand why people would prefer to vote for Bernie over the others, especially young people, because from what he is saying, he would bring a change to the country that would benefit the small guy(s). Sadly, the world doesn’t run like that. The minimum pay of 15 dollars / hour just can’t be met by some (smaller) companies, and bigger companies would just buy the politicians to vote against this idea. Ideas to bring down big companies in the US just can’t work with the way the system is built at the moment, I’m sorry to say for anyone who lives there. Bernie believes in equality, which is nice and all, but equality only exists in fairy tales, we are not in fact created equal. Longer paid vacations, better healthcare, free college all sound amazing, and by the way are active in Finland where I live, but you might not understand how much this costs us. The taxes are insanely high in Finland, and sure its a good place to live, but I’m not sure how you upscale this system from a population of 5 million to population of over 300 million. It is just not doable, I’m sorry to you all dreamers out there in the US.

Hilary Clinton, now here is someone who has been in politics for a long time. She’s the wife of a previous president and she has a career of her own. This would make her a good candidate based on her experience in the field, and to be honest I do prefer her over Bernie because her ideas are more manageable than his. Obviously I don’t like everything she’s saying, but I don’t agree with ANY of the candidates a 100%. The problem with Hilary really is that if she’s to become the president, its not her ideas that will be coming through. The corporations have put a lot money into her campaign, its just a fact. She’s a bought “puppet” as they say. I’m sure she’d make a fine president, but pass a couple of questionable laws during her time in the office.

Ted Cruz. Do I need to say anything here? He’s not electable. He isn’t likable to anyone, really, is the first problem. He looks like someone you would like to punch really hard all the time, and while it would be fitting, you probably don’t want that to be the face of America. This man is a talker, he likes to connect with people, so he has contacts everywhere and this is how he got in power. He can’t handle his own money, he can’t stand up to Trump, I mean come on, he should come off the strongest in republican party to even stand a chance to become the president.

That’s about it for me on this issue. I didn’t go into too much detail here, all I really wanted to say is you should NOT trust the media out there in the US, and Internet also isn’t always right. The majority of Internet users are young people with weird ideas how the world works, and for those people Bernie is the only choice. However, if you know your politics Trump comes off as a strong leader, who is not bought by anyone, and Hilary is another strong candidate, as much as I hate to admit it. Look up facts about the candidates and make an informed decision who you choose to pick, please people of America!

Oh and you should probably check Stefan Molyneux’s YouTube channel for more information on these candidates (just straight facts) I’ll link it at the end. Have fun you guys :)

What Is Success Really?



We all desire to be successful, but rarely do we ever succeed. The most successful people around us seem happy with what they’ve got. Success, Where does it come from? Who defines success? What success really is? Well, dear reader, let me explain all this for you.

Ask yourself what success is and you might answer something to the effect of having a lot of money, having the freedom to do anything you want. Having power over others can be defined as success. Movie stars seem successful. All of these are forms of success for sure, if you want to put it like that, but if you think about it enough, you realize that there is no one defining factor that describes success.

Success can be anything you want it to be. In fact, it is you who defines what success is. Therefore, to become successful you should figure out what being successful means to you personally, and strive for that. Not everyone needs a million dollars to prove themselves they’re successful, most of us could in fact do with much less, but if money is what describes what success is to you – try to reach that threshold in any way possible. Put your mind to it and you can be successful in the area of life you want to be successful at.

Setting Goals

This exactly is the only key to success. Set yourself a goal and aim to reach that, if and when you get there, you’ve become successful. Then try to become successful at another thing, or become even more successful at that one thing you already succeeded at. You don’t need to be good at everything,  focus on specific smaller aspects of your life at a time and you will notice that even the small successes are good.

You should have both short term and long term goals. The most successful people, or those few that would define themselves as successful, always strive for something. They think ahead. They’ve already got a plan, or an idea, what they’ll be doing or where they’ll be in the future. Be it one year from now, 2 years, 5 years or 20 years, they always have an idea where they want to end up in that time.

When you have a goal you don’t have time to worry about the past. Yesterday happened, okay, lets move on. Tomorrow will be a good day. Thank you for reading.


How To Make Money Online – Anyone Can Do It!

How To Make Money Online - Easy 2

Making Money Online

I’m sure you’ve heard of it. People who work from home and have loads of free time to do whatever they want, while having a successful career and they get paid well to do what they like to do. Who are those people? What did they do to get where they are? It’s actually much easier than you think! Even better, you can do it too!

…But how?

Let me tell you.
How To Make Money Online - Easy 1

Create Your Own Website

Any successful online business starts with a website, yes, there are ways to make money doing YouTube or streaming, but to really make money and start working from home, you should have your own website. Everything else I will talk about on this post will NOT working unless you have your own website. Simply go book your own domain name and buy hosting, it is cheaper than you think. Create your website using whatever you’re most comfortable using. I suggest using WordPress when you’re starting off to learn the ropes!

Online Marketing and SEO

I want to mention this now, mostly because it is the most important tool for making money online. You need to learn how to do online marketing, basically advertising your website, to get more views on your page. SEO, search rankings in search engines, is also another thing any successful online business wants to take a look at and learn. I won’t go into more detail on those, because you have to look them up yourself and learn them. There are plenty of free online courses, and in the end, its not even difficult to learn – so get to it!

I Have A Website, What Do I Do With It?

This should be your question. How do people make money with a website anyway? Well, after you get traffic to your site, you need to find a way to make money there are 3 key points that will make money for you on a website and they are: Advertisement, Affiliate Links & Your Own Product.

Most websites run on advertisement, they simply have ads running on their site, and when people visit their site and click on those ads, the website owner makes a cut from it.

Affiliate links are also a form of ad, except it is the website owner giving the link to another website, where the customer the goes to buy a product and the website owner who created the link gets a cut from that purchase.

Selling your own product is what you want to do, since you make all the money from it. But you don’t even need to have your own product to make money online.

All of these should be in your radar when making a website.

Create A Mailing List

Yes, this is important. You might have had to type in your email to enter some times, this is to sell you ads or products. You can in fact even subscribe to my email list on this site to get updates when I upload more posts.

Basically you’re collecting emails to send advertisement too, but you don’t want to spam it. You want to build a loyal customer space, provide them quality content, and send some ads or affiliate links (or even advertise your own product) every now and then.

You Don’t Need To Know Anything

When you’re starting a online business, you might not know what you are doing. You don’t need to know anything about online business, you will learn as you go.

If you want to create a product, but don’t know what or how to do it -Start learning now, and in three months time you should already be good enough at it to start making money. Devote time to your online business and you will see the rewards.

I’ll give you an example. Say you want to create art, but you are terrible at drawing – that’s ok! Start drawing now, draw for 6 hours a day every day, and in time you WILL be good at it. Same goes for ANYTHING. You don’t need to be good at anything. Everyone has to learn new things, no one has the knowledge already when they get started, some might have easier time of it, but no one knows exactly what they are doing at the start. Still they become successful. You can be successful too.

Key To Success Online Is To Start Doing It Now

Yes, if you want to succeed in anything, you should start on that right now. Start working on it now that you’ve read this post. I told you the key points, all you have to do is take these points and use them to create your own website, and create your own dream career.

How To Make Money Online - Easy 3

Why Marketability Is Everything In Today’s World

Marketability 1

Your marketability could change your whole life, and everything is taken into account here: Your looks, the “worth” of your name and the way you present yourself. Especially now since everything is based on views, the more eyes you have oogling at your stuff, the better you look to the advertisers. This is why ALL kinds of popularity is good. You might not enjoy Justin Bieber yourself, but he still is successful.

If you are good looking you have an inherit advantage over others. This is mostly because you can better get people’s attention. We like to look at pretty things, its just a fact, and gender doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean that if you are not blessed from birth with looks, that you can’t market yourself in other ways, though.

I’ll use YouTube as an example here. The reason why people advertise themselves (Follow me @twitter, instagram, facebook etc.) at the end of their videos as well as they tell you to subscribe and like their videos. It is all about getting more views to their videos. They might get a new viewer, because someone who follows you sees that you follow this one YouTuber. And views mean a lot on YouTube, and other social media, they show bigger companies who to invest in, A.K.A. who will get their product sold the best.

Marketability 2

Speaking of selling and advertising, that’s right. It all comes down to advertising. Companies use these popular heads on TV, Internet and everywhere else as their “faces” when selling things. A company might not have the same reach as an YouTuber does, it some times takes years to build a following of millions of people, so just pay someone with millions of followers to advertise your stuff, and you win at the marketing world. This is the reason why its worth paying for someone to promote your products.

AdBlock, I must talk about it here because it is a big thing now online. Especially for YouTubers who get almost all their revenue from Ads, as they are usually not selling anything, it is difficult to make a living off of making videos these days because of AdBlock. If no one watches the Ads, then its not worth it for the advertiser to advertise on YouTube and its impossible for YouTubers  to make a living, killing the site on the way. This is why you see many popular YouTubers advertising products upfront in their videos, because they have to do it to make money. Many people don’t get this and it annoys me greatly, by AdBlocking websites that rely on advertising (that’s every website) you’re slowly killing the idea of free Internet. You can’t get anything for free, either you pay something upfront or you watch an ad. Sure, convenience might feel good in the moment, but in the long run, do you want to subscribe to every website or pay for access in the future? That’s my rant on AdBlock done.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little article, I kind of lost my train of thought there, but there really isn’t much to say here anyway, just wanted to write something. Key point is, advertising rules on the Internet and everywhere else, like it or not. Companies succeed and crumble based on how well they manage advertise themselves, not based on how good or bad their product actually is, and  this is probably never going to change.

My Thoughts on Meditation

Meditation 1

I’ve been researching meditation, and I’ve found it to be quite compelling way to reduce stress and anxiety, as it doesn’t require much from the person performing the meditation. You quite literally don’t do anything else than sit there and think. Considering that most of us spend majority of our times next to a machine, break from such distractions brings something fresh and forgotten into our lives.

As a child I used to spend a lot of time outside, playing by myself or with friends. I used to go swimming, or just generally running about. We would play games more outside than inside. Of course the Internet wasn’t as big as it is when I was young, so it helped.

Nowadays I see people walking on the streets or sitting in a bus, always looking at their phone or other handheld machine, never interacting with other people around them, and most importantly, never away from the Internet. Reason why I chose not to get iPhone equivalent myself, I already spend way too much time on my computer as is.

I learned to meditate when I was very young and attending Judo classes. Every training session would start with meditation, and it would also end with meditation. It took 5 minutes at a time then and we were taught to simply try and block any thoughts from coming. I’ve later put more thought into it, but that’s how it started for me.

Meditation can help you relax and forget about your worries, so lets take a closer look.
Meditation 2

Why Is Meditation Good For You?

Like I already mentioned, meditation helps you reduce stress. There are many studies out there proving the effects of meditation. While you meditate your brain releases endorphins, which are the “feel good” neuropeptides (used by neurons to communicate with each other) in our body. Which is also the reason why meditating helps you feel happier during and after you’re done.

Meditation also helps you with your focus. These days we are bombarded with information at all times and its difficult to focus on a specific thing. While meditating you get to focus on you and you alone.

Meditation has also been linked to improved sleeping patterns, reduced blood pressure and it can also relieve pain. Some say meditation helps them be more sociable.

Point is, there are no negative effects to meditation. You can only gain from meditating, and anyone can do it. You also get to choose how much time you spend meditating so its not a massive time sink either, every minute meditating is well spent minute. Now that you have no excuses left, I’ll teach you how to do it.

Meditation 3

How To Meditate

First you need to find a place where you can be in silence. Some people want relaxing music in the background, but I don’t recommend it, complete silence reduces the amount of distractions for your mind. Simply step away from your computer or TV and just sit down on the floor with your legs crossed, I’m sure you’re familiar with the pose.If you have a timer you can set it to 5, 10 or 15 minutes to let you know you’re done for now. I prefer 30 minutes to 1 hour sessions, but you might want to start with less than that. Try to sit comfortably, it should be your only goal, you don’t want any kind of discomfort. You also want to sit straight, mostly to prevent you from falling asleep, but its also good for your back.

Next, just sit there and focus your thoughts on your breathing. Don’t try to control your breathing, just pay attention to it. You can do this for the whole time if you want to, just try to relax and focus on being there. If you have thoughts coming to you (you will), just let them pass and keep focusing on your breathing. Do this until the time you had set for yourself is up and you’re done. Do it again tomorrow.

This is the very basics of meditation. What I do myself (I’ve been meditating for quite a while) is I focus on me and my own thoughts. I ask questions from myself and try to find answers: “Who am I really?” and other such questions. Most of the time I just try to clear my mind completely. I try and stop any thought and keep focusing on that. I try to think of nothing. So I either focus on questions about myself or I don’t try to think at all.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed the read, and maybe you’ll start meditating as well. There is nothing you can lose by doing this, apart from little time, but it always has been a good time for me. You’ll never know before you try.

What does it mean to be confident?

Confidence 2

Man sits at a table, drinking his coffee and minding his own business. He has an expensive watch, a tailored suit and he is reading a business journal. He doesn’t seem bothered by anything that is going on around him. The very definition of a confident person.

There are multiple ways to show your confidence. Those who manage to show it anywhere and in any situation they end up in, are generally rewarded with good relationships, jobs and other benefits. So many good things come from being confident and many guides on how to become successful start with “be confident”-line. What does it mean to be confident? How do I become confident? Lets investigate.
Confidence 4

If you’ve ever met a person who is confident, you will immediately want to be with that person. These confident people ooze confidence. They are masters of the situation. Funny, good looking and smart. However, it is not a coincidence these people are at home in their own clothes. They know they are the best they can be and are always looking to improve, which makes them seem smart, even if they are not.

Confidence is often mistaken for arrogance, but these are not the same thing. A confident person doesn’t necessarily think he/she is better than everyone else around her/him, he/she is just the best they can be at that moment. Arrogant person is someone who looks down on others, and wants others to fail so they can succeed. Confident person is fine with a little bit of challenge from people around them.

It is all very confusing to me too, but in the end, it doesn’t matter much. We all know more or less what a cool and suave person can be. We all want to be with that person, and we would all like to be that person. Good news is, we can all be that person. Here’s how:

Confidence 5

How To Be Confident

Firstly we must fix how you think. Currently you might be thinking to yourself “I can’t be like that confident man over there in the corner, I’m not that kind of a guy”. Well my friend, YES YOU CAN, I can’t help you become confident if you don’t first believe that you can do it. It is a lot about how you think and a lot less about anything else.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF no matter how weird you think what you are thinking right now. It doesn’t matter what other people might be thinking around you, or after you open your mouth. If you never say anything when you obviously want to, you will never succeed. Simply say what’s on your mind and let that be the end of it.

Many times in school and at work there are moments where you are thinking to yourself “I don’t quite get this…” or “I don’t agree”, but nobody says anything. Chances are if you are thinking like that, there is someone else in the room that doesn’t get it either. Don’t be afraid to ask question, what is the worst that can happen, maybe you might be wrong? Well gee, aren’t you glad you asked?

Champion business man standing with fists clenched in victory.

There is no faster way to build confidence than looking in the mirror, figuratively and literally. Are you not smart enough? Read a book on a subject you like. Are you not happy with your body? Start working out. It is amazing how much starting a workout routine can boost your confidence.

Wear clothes that make you feel powerful. Quite simple, people in power always wear suits for a reason: It looks good and it shows they are in fact, in power. This doesn’t mean you should wear a suit necessarily, but you should wear clothes that reflect who you are on the inside. Saggy pants and a hoodie usually don’t do wonders to a person who wants to be approachable, but if it is who you are, then go ahead!

Start talking or writing about things you understand well. It is easy to look confident if you know what you are talking about, and since we are simply trying to improve the level of confidence in you, there really is no better way than building it up doing things you are comfortable doing.

There are many ways to get more confidence, and the tips I gave here are just the tip of the iceberg (heh, heh…). Main point I want you to get from this post is simply be you and don’t be afraid to show it. Don’t be afraid to be wrong either, no one is born with all the knowledge, but we can all work together to come to sensible conclusion(s).

I hope this helped. Now go out there and be the confident person you always wanted to be. It starts with you, after all.
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