What does it mean to be confident?

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Man sits at a table, drinking his coffee and minding his own business. He has an expensive watch, a tailored suit and he is reading a business journal. He doesn’t seem bothered by anything that is going on around him. The very definition of a confident person.

There are multiple ways to show your confidence. Those who manage to show it anywhere and in any situation they end up in, are generally rewarded with good relationships, jobs and other benefits. So many good things come from being confident and many guides on how to become successful start with “be confident”-line. What does it mean to be confident? How do I become confident? Lets investigate.
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If you’ve ever met a person who is confident, you will immediately want to be with that person. These confident people ooze confidence. They are masters of the situation. Funny, good looking and smart. However, it is not a coincidence these people are at home in their own clothes. They know they are the best they can be and are always looking to improve, which makes them seem smart, even if they are not.

Confidence is often mistaken for arrogance, but these are not the same thing. A confident person doesn’t necessarily think he/she is better than everyone else around her/him, he/she is just the best they can be at that moment. Arrogant person is someone who looks down on others, and wants others to fail so they can succeed. Confident person is fine with a little bit of challenge from people around them.

It is all very confusing to me too, but in the end, it doesn’t matter much. We all know more or less what a cool and suave person can be. We all want to be with that person, and we would all like to be that person. Good news is, we can all be that person. Here’s how:

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How To Be Confident

Firstly we must fix how you think. Currently you might be thinking to yourself “I can’t be like that confident man over there in the corner, I’m not that kind of a guy”. Well my friend, YES YOU CAN, I can’t help you become confident if you don’t first believe that you can do it. It is a lot about how you think and a lot less about anything else.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF no matter how weird you think what you are thinking right now. It doesn’t matter what other people might be thinking around you, or after you open your mouth. If you never say anything when you obviously want to, you will never succeed. Simply say what’s on your mind and let that be the end of it.

Many times in school and at work there are moments where you are thinking to yourself “I don’t quite get this…” or “I don’t agree”, but nobody says anything. Chances are if you are thinking like that, there is someone else in the room that doesn’t get it either. Don’t be afraid to ask question, what is the worst that can happen, maybe you might be wrong? Well gee, aren’t you glad you asked?

Champion business man standing with fists clenched in victory.

There is no faster way to build confidence than looking in the mirror, figuratively and literally. Are you not smart enough? Read a book on a subject you like. Are you not happy with your body? Start working out. It is amazing how much starting a workout routine can boost your confidence.

Wear clothes that make you feel powerful. Quite simple, people in power always wear suits for a reason: It looks good and it shows they are in fact, in power. This doesn’t mean you should wear a suit necessarily, but you should wear clothes that reflect who you are on the inside. Saggy pants and a hoodie usually don’t do wonders to a person who wants to be approachable, but if it is who you are, then go ahead!

Start talking or writing about things you understand well. It is easy to look confident if you know what you are talking about, and since we are simply trying to improve the level of confidence in you, there really is no better way than building it up doing things you are comfortable doing.

There are many ways to get more confidence, and the tips I gave here are just the tip of the iceberg (heh, heh…). Main point I want you to get from this post is simply be you and don’t be afraid to show it. Don’t be afraid to be wrong either, no one is born with all the knowledge, but we can all work together to come to sensible conclusion(s).

I hope this helped. Now go out there and be the confident person you always wanted to be. It starts with you, after all.
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10 Tips to Save Money

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We all have our own struggles with money, but it turns out with a little bit of planning and smart money management you can turn your little pile of gold into a big one – without sacrificing much for it. Basically free money!

Here are a few quick tips on how to save money

Understand Your Finances

Most people don’t pay attention to how much money they are spending and on what, or how much is even coming in each month. Find out how much money you are making and where that money is going. If you don’t know your money situation it is impossible to start saving money!

Made a Budget For Yourself

It is very important that you have a plan on how you will spend your money for 2 major reasons: To Prevent Unnecessary Spending & It Is the ONLY Way to Keep Track of Your Finances!



An example of a plan would be: Necessities first, like bills and food, maybe you spend 60% of your income on those if you situation is dire. 10% you put on your savings account, 10% on your business (if you have one) and 20% you have for hobbies.

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Avoid Taking Loans

This should be obvious, but its not always possible. A student loan might be something you just have to do. However, using your credit card to buy clothes or a latte when you really don’t have to is something you just don’t ever need to do. With your newly formed budget you know exactly how much you can spend each month, and if it takes multiple months to save up for a pair of shoes you really like – THEN WAIT A COUPLE OF MONTHS. Who knows, maybe the price will drop. Even better if you find out you didn’t really need those shoes after all.

Use Public Transportation

Yes, it is cheaper to go around on the bus than with your own car. If you can you shouldn’t even own a car, get a bicycle instead. I don’t own a car, and I get around just fine. I save huge amounts of money each year, because I don’t need to spend money on gas or maintenance on my car.

One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background The love of money

Always Buy From a Sale or Flea market

If you can, buy everything from furniture to clothes to food from a sale. I recently bought an armchair, good quality one too, for 30 euros from a flea market. If I went and bought the same quality armchair from a normal shop it would cost at least 150 euros, and this is not an isolated incident. I get similar kind of deals pretty much every month.

Keep those coupons, look for deals when buying food, and NEVER buy items at a full price if you don’t have to!

Write Down Your Spending

Yes. Write it all down. No matter how insignificant it may seem, just write it down all in same place EVERY DAY. Bought candy for 2 euros? Write it down. Bought a ticket to something for 7 euros? Write it down. Bought a computer for 1000 euros? You guessed it, write it down.

This allows you to track down how much money you can spend and where & how you are spending it. Spot the miss steps and fix them fast!

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Leave Your Change at Home

If I have money in my pocket I am more likely to a) to spend it on useless junk b) forgetting to write that spending down. To avoid this, simply don’t take change with you when you go out. The amount of money you save on avoiding these random urges to buy something, but you’d have to use your credit card to do it, will help you along the way.

Make A Shopping List

Each time you go to shop you should make a list of things you need, and then go in the shop to buy only those specific things on your list. There is no point in going into a shop and figuring out in there what you want, because you will make bad decisions. If you think rationally before going and buying food for example, you will make healthier purchases than you would if you just went in there and looked for things that you want.

Oh and you should also never shop while you are hungry.

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Eat Healthy and Exercise

Now this may not seem obvious at first, but you should take care of yourself by eating well and exercising. You will save money by going to visit the doctor less over the years. Of course this will also have other benefits.

Also you should avoid going out to eat more than at most a couple of times a month. You should also avoid eating cheese and meat, as those two tend to be on the expensive end of food you can buy.

Enjoy What You Already Have

It is weird how much we spend on new stuff for no reason. Games, books and other entertainment rarely gets worse with time, but we often buy more of the same instead of finishing what we already have. Don’t get a new book of the same subject, FINISH the one you bought before and actually read it. Maybe watch a movie you have already seen another time, or play a game with higher difficulty setting.

That’s really all I have for you today, I hope this helped at least a little bit. I plan to write more on similar kind of things in the future, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more!